Overlooking Lake Maggiore


Lago Maggiore
Distance 250 m
Duration 2 ore
Elevation N.P.
Difference in height + +167
Difference in height – N.P.
Gradient N.P.

Route description

The via Ferrata “La Miccia” was built by the Municipality of Baveno thanks to the financing obtained from the “GAL Laghi e Monti” call for tenders and the close cooperation of the CAI Chapter of Baveno. It was inaugurated in June 2020.

This variant runs parallel to the initial third of the “Picasass” Ferrata and joins it at the panoramic terrace, where the summit book for both is located.

The trail that leads to the junction is located just before the beginning of the “Picasass” Ferrata, descending a few meters to the right, crossing a scree, and climbing for 10 minutes up to the base of the starting slabs.

This variant’s challenges are greater than those of the “Picasass” Ferrata and should not be underestimated. It is necessary to be fit and in good athletic conditions to overcome the long overhanging sections where the use of the arms on the brackets can be very tiring if one is not trained well. To rest on the overhanging sections, we recommend a short longe or the use of a 30 cm rope ring with at least 8 mm diameter with one end choked at the service slotof the harness and at the other end a wide base snap hook that allows you to secure yourself to the bracket to rest the arms.

The via Ferrata begins with a long vertical stretch on slightly leaning slabs, where progression is mainly by adherence. There are no brackets; there is only the steel cable for self-belaying. In this section, it is recommended to progress by alternating pure climbing with arm traction on the cable. A short traverse leads to a passage on a smooth granite slab, then continues with alternating short traverses and vertical sections without brackets.

A slightly downhill traverse leads under the first overhang of about 15 meters where the brackets are located since they are fundamental to progress in this section. After this stretch, the route continues a ridge that leads to another overhanging section of 4-5 meters with a flat exit that, continuing to the right, leads to another overhang of 7-8 meters with a typical side traverse end on the right. From here, the challenges diminish quickly, and shortly after, you can reach the panoramic terrace where the “Picasass” Ferrata junction is located along with the summit book.

To reach the via Ferrata, follow the signs for Tranquilla. Near the campsite by the same name, you will find the directions for the VM3 – VM3b trail.

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  • Difficulty: Very difficult

  • Development: 250 m

  • Difference in altitude: 167 m

  • Location: Southeast

  • Travel time: 1 hour for “la Miccia” , 1 hour to finish the part of “Picasass”

  • Total travel time: 4 hours with return to the base