A land marked by water

Formazza Valley

The last strip of Ossola before Switzerland and the various alpine lakes of the Formazza Valley dot with their blue colors the green landscape and the brown of the peaks surrounding them.

But the Toce Waterfall is the real protagonist here, from where the Toce River springs with a foaming 145-meter drop at an altitude of 1,657 meters and 80 km to the south flows gently into Lake Maggiore. The waterfall is 6 km away from Formazza, an ancient village of Walser origin. In the twelfth century, a group of farmers of German origin, hailing from Canton Valais settled peacefully here, adapting to the harshness and the rules of the mountain.

The Formazza Valley offers charming panoramic views and develops across large slopes that host a great variety of alpine fauna and flora, with utterly unique specimens!

Nearby, the Premia Spa Center, a modern facility with indoor/outdoor swimming pools and wellness areas, is a stop not to be missed. The warm waters of Premia, with their healing properties, flow naturally at 42.5° C from Monte Leone.

Formazza Valley

  • Surface area: 219.55 km²
  • Verbano Cusio Ossola (VB) Province
  • Ski resorts: Formazza Ski (downhill), Centro Fondo Formazza (cross-country) and Centro Fondo Riale (cross-country).
The Valley is in the Lepontine Alps. It separates the Alps of Monte Leone and St. Gotthard to the west from the Alps of Ticino and Verbano to the east. It also overlooks the Vannino Alps.

The prominent mountains that surround the Valley are:
Blinnenhorn – 3.374 m
Basòdino – 3.273 m
Punta d’Arbola – 3.235 m
Punta del Sabbione – 3.182 m
Kastelhorn – 3.128 m
Monte Giove – 3.009 m
Pizzo Biela – 2.863 m
Pizzo Quadro – 2.793 m

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