A grandiose panoramic basin in which it is easy to walk, admiring the rocky walls that conceal Alpe Veglia


Distance 3 kms
Duration 1-3 hours
Elevation 1420 m
Difference in height + N.P.
Difference in height – – 150
Gradient N.P.

Route description

A grandiose panoramic basin in which it is easy to walk, admiring the rocky walls that conceal Alpe Veglia

Place of departure: Varzo, Fraz. San Domenico (1420 m.)
Place of arrival: Pontecampo, along the stream (1300 m.)
Height difference: -150 m one way
Distance: 3 km one way
Travel time net of stops: 1 hour one way
Signage: not necessary
How to get there: 23 km from Domodossola. Strada Statale 33 del Sempione, exit at Varzo and follow the signs for Fraz. San Domenico (approx. 11 km)

The itinerary:
Cross the hamlet of San Domenico completely along the main road until you reach car park no. 6, and then continue along the asphalt road downhill, turning right at the only fork. Shortly after the bend, the road is no longer cleared of snow and it is possible to wear snowshoes.
Already from this point you have the first glimpse of the walls that delimit the beautiful Conca di Nembro, but it is necessary to continue to admire it at its best. Continue along the downhill road, which is usually well trodden by snowmobiles and has a constant gradient, then turn the corner and the valley dotted with scattered dwellings opens up. Pass a small group of houses and continue downhill to reach the bridge that crosses the Cairasca stream.
Just beyond the watercourse, turn left (Trasquera summer signposts) and follow the watercourse on a wide track beaten by the snowmobile, with a slight incline.
At a certain point, the track forks, keep to the left, and still parallel to the stream, you will come in sight of a hut located near a small dam. At this point, the trail makes a wide bend to the right and passes through a sparse forest of bare ash trees, turning back and rejoining the route taken on the way up.
From this point, retrace your steps back to the bridge and then up the road to San Domenico.

Tips for baby snowshoers
A walk suitable for everyone, even young children and those with no previous experience. In certain snow conditions, the grooming carried out makes it possible to walk without the use of snowshoes.
There is no signposting, but it is not necessary since the first part follows the road, while the second part is a wide, well-trodden track. If for some reason it has not been marked, simply keep parallel to the stream (without getting too close). However, do not go beyond the hut near the dam!

San Domenico – 28868 Varzo (VB)
TEL. +39 0324 780868
Email: info@sandomenicoski.com


Path makers: Franco Voglino, Annalisa Porporato and Nora Voglino
Authors of text: Franco Voglino, Annalisa Porporato

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