Through an evocative forest


Distance 3 kms
Duration 3-6 hours
Elevation 1610 m
Difference in height + + 550
Difference in height – N.P.
Gradient N.P.

Route description

Excursion to the grandiose panoramas of Alpe Casalavera, through an evocative forest

Place of departure: Domodossola, Alpe Lusentino (1089 m.)
Place of arrival: Alpe Casalavera (1610 m.)
Height difference: 550 m one way
Distance: 3 km one way
Travel time net of stops: 2 hours 30 minutes one way
Signage: white/red “Ski Alp” arrows
How to get there: 11 km from Domodossola. From Domodossola follow the signs for Domobianca – Alpe Lusentino

The itinerary:

From the Alpe Lusentino car park, head in the direction of the Ski School and then towards the start of the Motti chairlift on the left. Go around the coffee shop building, keeping it on your right, and take the dirt track behind it, which begins to climb, passes between some buildings, and then cuts diagonally across an open stretch used for paraglider launch.
When you reach an isolated building, go around it, passing just upstream, to climb diagonally towards the chairlift until you reach and pass it. Once past this point, continue uphill, keeping the chairlift cables to your left, following the yellow and white/red signs.
The climb leads to a flat road, cross it and continue along the line of the chairlift until reaching the Foppiano plateau, just downhill from the snow park and the restaurant at the arrival point of the chairlift.
Keeping to the left, go around the ski slopes and up towards a ruined building. Just beyond this point, head for the Prel chairlift pylon and then turn left onto the track that leads into the wood (white/red “Ski Alp” sign).
You begin to climb in narrow zigzags, immersed in the woods and far from the ski lifts and slopes, in a charming and fascinating environment. As the wood thins out, the trail lengthens, following the course of the Rio d’Anzuno, while to the right there are immaculate slopes with snow-covered houses, and then it comes out near the enchanting Casalavera pond.
Going round it to the left, you reach a magnificent viewpoint towards the Ossola valleys.
If you wish, you can take the path from the pond on the right uphill, which leads in about 10 minutes to a coffee shop near the arrival of the Prel chairlift. Some care must be taken when crossing the ski slopes.

The return journey is by the same route as the outward journey.

Tips for baby snowshoers
A demanding but fascinating hike, suitable only for frown-up children. With younger children it is recommended to only go as far as Foppiano (+170 m, 1.2 km, 45 minutes).
It is also possible to take the Motti chairlift to Foppiano and walk only a part of the hike, or to take the Prel chairlift up to Casalavera and then walk downhill.


Alpe Lusentino – 28845 Domodossola (VB)
Tel. +39 0324 44652

Path makers: Franco Voglino, Annalisa Porporato and Nora Voglino
Authors of text: Franco Voglino, Annalisa Porporato

The path is described in the book “SNOW TREK” of Distretto Turistico dei Laghi – edition 2021

The routes were suggested by ski operators and municipalities Partner of Neveazzurra project. We decline any responsability regarding the effective feasibility and any changes that the routes can suffer. Maps and tracks are purely indicative of the route.

Safety annotations:

Here are some practical tips: find out about weather and snow conditions, checking the forecasts especially at local level; check the avalanche bulletin for the relevant area; equip yourself with and carry PSA self-rescue equipment: shovel, probe and ARTVa; wear warm, waterproof clothing that is comfortable and consists of several layers… despite the snow, you will get warm as you move; hiking shoes or mountain boots depending on the area, terrain and altitude where the hike takes place; bring gloves, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen; pack a rucksack with a spare shirt and hot drinks; during the hike, always check the slopes above you; avalanches usually break off on slopes with a gradient of more than 25° and can also continue on flat sections.

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