Domodossola and its surroundings

The majesty of the mountains, the ancient rural testimonies which tell of the old way of life, the excellence of food and wine and the variety of sport it has to offer: the Ossola and its surroundings in the north of Piedmont are the ideal place for a quality holiday. A setting of spectacular valleys, endless opportunities to practice sports in both the winter and the summer, a thousand flavours served up, where tradition combined with interpretation, are sure to please your palate.

Culture, events, wellness centres and spas make this a truly delightful area, being close to the Maggiore, Orta and Mergozzo Lakes and not far from the Swiss border as well as from the cities of Milan and Turin.

Domodossola, the capital of the Ossola, boasts an ancient role as a border town, being the last large town before reaching the Simplon Pass and Switzerland (Valais). In addition to this, it has always been an important railway station for freight and passengers. To visit its medieval and renaissance historical centre, which have been well preserved throughout history, take a trip toPiazza Mercato, and admire the Teatro Galletti, the noble palaces and the typical beola ston roofs. The beautiful Collegiate Church is dedicated to Saints Gervasio e Protasio, patrons of the city, who are is celebrated on June 19 every year with a large procession.

Worth mentioning is a walking tour to the Sacro Monte Calvario of Domodossola (proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003), including a wellness pauseat the Bognanco Spa, the centre of tourist life in the valley taking the same name.

Finally, if you’re a winter sports lover, you’ll want to pay a visit to Domobianca with more than 20 kilometres of slopes covering a 1,000 metre difference in terms of altitude, and almost 3 kilometres of illuminated night skiing slopes, one of the longest “by night” slopes in Europe!

Tourist resorts nearby: Mergozzo and Mergozzo Lake, Vogogna and Visconti Castle, Linea Cadorna in Ornavasso


  • Capital: Domodossola, 18,119 inhabitants
  • Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola (Piedmont)
  • Ski resort: Domobianca
The Ossola is a vacation spot within a wider territory called the Ossola Valley. It is an extensive valley in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and corresponds to a large part of the Toce river basin.
The main centre of the entire valley is Domodossola and the other big towns include Villadossola, Crevoladossola, Ornavasso e Mergozzo. Made up of 37 municipalities and a total of 66,500 inhabitants, the Ossola Valley is the second most populated valley in Piedmont, after the Susa Valley.