Let’s relax in the Bognanco Spa! The place is set in a lush green valley packed with waterfalls and waterways that have earned it the nickname “The Valley of 100 Waterfalls”!

Bognanco (VB)

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In ancient Greek mythology, the Oneiroi were the personification of dreams. In oracular cults, the ritual of incubation was used to allow the Oneiroi to act as a bridge between the divine will and the faithful through dreams, the Oneiroi’s natural domain.
The water of the Bognanco Springs has been sold for consumption for the last 150 years, but visitors can also use the waters to take care of their bodies from the outside thanks to the swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, multi-sensory shower and – a new addition – the “SpaStream”, a horizontal massage shower with 1200 water jets.
The Bognanco spa is situated 700 metres above sea level, seven kilometres away from Domodossola. Bognanco and its springs are located in a corner of Piedmont bordering Switzerland, set in a lush green valley packed with waterfalls and waterways that have earned it the nickname “The Valley of 100 Waterfalls”. The climate makes the destination all the more attractive.

– Turkish bath
– Multi-sensory shower: enjoy a complete wellness experience thanks to three different types of water jet and the use of aromatherapy and colour therapy. Choose between “Tropical Rainfall”, the “Micronized Shower” which reproduces the feel of fine rain and the “Cervical waterfall massage shower”.
– Cold water tank
– Finnish sauna
– Swimming pools (25m pool filled with Gaudenziana water kept at a temperature of 31°C, with a depth varying between 1.2m and 1.8m and massaging water jets in the main pool and in the separate Jacuzzi
– SpaStream “Water Massage”: this hi-tech facility uses electronic 1200 water jets capable of replicating and replacing the movements of the hands of an expert masseur, guaranteeing great results every time.
– Infusion area: a special area with a selection of teas, infusions and herbal drinks, which guests can enjoy in order to complete their relaxation and wellness experience. Also available is the Lindos spring – the best way to replenish the minerals in your body.
– Relaxation room: entirely decked out in wood, this room features comfy relaxation loungers

Customers can access free WiFi in the relaxation area and the small bar near the entrance.