MTB tour in the Antigorio Valley


Valle Antigorio
Distance 13,6 km
Duration Da 1 a 3 ore
Elevation N.P.
Difference in height + +465
Difference in height – N.P.
Gradient N.P.

Route description

SEASON From April to October

Round trip on tarmac roads with low traffic and unmade roads, enjoyable and scenic. At Arvenolo the route passes by the so-called Muro del Diavolo (Devil’s Wall), a dry wall megalithic structure made of dry rough-hewn blocks of rock of impressive dimensions, probably used for religious purposes.

The route starts from the car park at the Trattoria Campagna in Verampio (525 m). Following the signs for Orridi di Uriezzo (Uriezzo Ravine), take the unmade road that first fords the River Devero and then gradually climbs.

First you come to Ponte di Maiesso (Maiesso Bridge) with the beautiful giants’ potholes dug out of the white rock and then continue along the track (do not cross over the bridge) until you reach the mouth of the Orrido Sud (South Ravine), a deep gorge in rock equipped with metal ladders for visitors. After the visit to the ravine the route continues along the track up to the Oratorio di Santa Lucia (Oratory of Saint Lucy) where the road once again becomes tarmac. Follow the road up to Balmafredda with an impressive gorge excavated in the rock and equipped as a site for rock climbing.

At the fork turn right to Crego and continue along the road until you reach this beautiful outlying village with its beautiful oratory. From Crego continue along the asphalt track that climbs with some steep stretches to Arvenolo and then descends (caution! Some hairpin bends are very steep) to the bridge over the Rio Antolina and then to Maglioggio. From the village you can follow the paved road or take the hairpin turns along the beautiful paved mule track that leads to the bottom of the valley. When you reach the flat turn right and follow the pleasant road on the flatland that passes through beautiful meadows and arrives at the old ENEL power station of Verampio where it crosses the River Toce on the bridge and returns to Trattoria della Campagna.


Albergo Edelweiss
Frazione Viceno, 7 – 28862 Crodo (VB)

Terme Premia s.r.l.
Località  Cadarese n. 46 28866 Premia (VB)
Tel. +39 0324 617210

AUTHOR Alessandro Pirocchi

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